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ESAB WORRIOR 500 Multi Process Inverter Welder

ESAB WORRIOR 500 Multi Process Inverter Welder

Product description


Introducing Warrior by ESAB - The breakthrough welding machine to match and enhance your welding skills. Warrior is a powerful multi-process welding machine that increases your productivity for any welding job. Warrior was designed with input from real-world welders and built with ESAB's leading-edge engineering to be a machine that's as rugged and reliable as you are.

In extreme heat or cold, this machine will handle a wide range of applications in unlimited industries - from ship building, rail car building and maintenance, to energy generation, construction, pipeline, and general welding fabrication work as well as on-site welding.

With consistent, dependable performance, Warrior keeps downtime to a minimum and work time to the maximum.

Easy to use
Time saving productivity features like an all-in-one intuitive front control panel, a read-anywhere display, and comprehensive cable connections set, keep you doing what you do best.

Exceptional performance, every time. Warrior was created to provide superior starts and an extremely smooth and stable arc transfer with excellent weld results.

Designed with input from welders like you
ESAB consulted and listened to expert welders from around the world to design a machine that works the way you do - hard and smart.

Multiple-Process Welding
This multi purpose machine is designed for GMAW (MIG/MAG), FCAW (Flux-Cored), SMAW (MMA), and GTAW (TIG) welding, as well as Arc Gouging, and delivers 400 amps @ 60% duty cycle.

  • Welds 0.8–2 mm flux-cored and solid wires

  • Excellent Short Arc performance

  • Full range of Stick capabilities with excellent 7018 and 6010 performance

  • Arc Gouge with carbons up to 8/10 mm diameter

All-in-One Panel
All of the controls, including the power switch, are right on the front panel for easy access.

Read-Anywhere Display
Warrior's sun-friendly display makes it easy to read outdoors and from a wide range of angles.

Simple Controls
Easy-to-use means easy-to-get-work-done, so you'll be up and running in seconds. Glove friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.

Connection Cable Set
Having power, gas, and control in an all-in-one bundle with quick disconnect will slash your set-up time and get you welding quicker. Also because they're housed in a tough, protective cover, your cables will last longer.

Inverter Technology
Warrior brings the outstanding arc performance and energy savings you expect from an inverter. Along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit, Warrior provides the simple functionality welders want at a competitive price.

Warrior's autofan is built to keep dirt out, and ensure a long life for your machine. Because it's only on when it needs to be, it will save you money, too.

High-Duty Cycle
For long runs across a variety of applications, this machine works as hard as you do. 400A or 500A @ 60% .

Indoor and outdoor use
The enclosure is built to protect you and your machine. Designed to a higher standard, Warrior can withstand harsh outdoor environments - IP23 rating.

Automatic Hot Start/Variable Arc Control
Optimize your welding for the job at hand with total arc control - hot start, arc force, and inductance settings.

Air Tunnel Design
Cools Warrior and keeps critical electronics free from dirt, oil, and foreign objects.

Ergonomically Located Handles
Allow for efficient mechanical lifting and movement.

Easy-to-Open Side Panel
Provides quick access for service and maintenance.

Rubber Mat Top
Offers increased protection.

Generator Compatible
For flexible use at any outdoor site, in any weather condition.


Warrior Feed 304
The Warrior Feed 304 brings you the same benefits as its partner power supply; simple functionality, rugged durability, and outstanding performance.

  • Standard 4-roll drive provides better feedability.

  • Easy-to-use controls (remote voltage, gas purge, inch wire, WFS), trigger lock, and slow run in make configuration easy.

  • Read-anywhere, sun-friendly, wide-angle display for all environments helps you keep your eye on your settings.

MobileFeed 300AVS 
This remarkably portable arc voltage feeder is ideal for harsh environments and is designed to meet the most rigorous standards.

  • Easy to use with DC, CC, or CV power supplies with DC +ve or -ve polarity operation. No switches to set means less time setting up.

  • Built to work wherever you are – on pipelines, in shipyards, offshore, anywhere.

  • Works with both wire spools 300 and 200mm for lighter weight, and better portability.

  • Super impact-resistant case protects against dirt, metal grit, and moisture, while keeping the machine safe from the extreme abuse that grinding sparks, corrosive chemicals, and drops can cause.

  • A heavy-duty 4-roll feed unit with Pulse with modulated drive provides powerful, dependable wire feeding with automatic slow wire run-in and Electronic Dynamic Braking for improved operation


  • Easy-to-Assemble Cooling Unit, for high current water-cooled applications

  • Easy-to-Assemble Trolley and Wheel Kits


    • Mains Supply, 3 ph 50/60Hz, V

      380-460 +/-10%

    • Mains cable mm2

      4 x 6

    • Fuse, slow A


    • Max load at

    • 100% duty cycle A/V, 3ph


    • 60% duty cycle A/V, 3ph


    • Setting range A

    • MIG/MAG


    • MMA


    • TIG


    • Open circuit voltage


    • Idle power


    • Efficiency at max current


    • Power factor at max current


    • Enclosure Class


    • Dimensions L x W x H

      712 x 325 x 470

    • Weight


    • Application class


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