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LINCOLN Idealarc DC-1000

LINCOLN Idealarc DC-1000

         The DC-1000 offers 1300 amps of smooth DC output, combining pure welding power with muti-process flexibility for semiautomatic and automatic welding.



  • 500 amp output connections - provide enhanced arc characteristics for low amperage submerged arc and MIG welding procedures
  • Single range control - for precise output control and easy operation.
  • Terminal strip and output studs - for remote connection and cable.
  • Low profile case - allows installation  under a workbench and for stacking up to 2 machines to converse floor spece.
  • Removable side panels - for easy access to interal parts.
  • Internal component - including windings, rectifiers and circuit boards, are coated to protect against the effects of moisture and corrosion.



  • MIG, Flux-Cored, Submerged Arc, Gouging
  • Specifications

    Product Name Idealarc DC-1000
    Input Power 230/460/3/30
    Rated Output 1000A/44V/100%
    Input Current  193/96.5A
    Output Range 150-1300A DC 16-46V


    (H x W x D)

    30.7 in x 22.5 in x 39 in 

    (781 mm x 565 mm 991 mm)

    Net Weight 875.00 (396.90 kg)


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