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KOIKE Auto Picle S

KOIKE Auto Picle S

The Auto Picle-S is a motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine with remote control. The optional guide rail provides high cutting accuracy, particularly suitable for large pipes.
Countless professionals from metal fabrication, offshore & pipeline and shipbuilding industries have used Koike pipe cutting machines products successfully.


  • Guide rail
    Cuts up to 1500 mm diameter pipe accurately; possible to cut pipes in vertical position (up to 500 mm diameter with use of guide rail).
  • Motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutter
    Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts on steel pipe.
  • Remote Control Pendant
    Easy operation from a distance.
  • Special Fixed Rail Tip Guide System
    Mechanical automatic torch guiding; provides high cutting accuracy.
  • Interlocking link chain system
    Swiftly adapts to any pipe diameter.
  • On/Off drive cl