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    The Portable Multi-purpose Carriage Cutting oxy-fuel and plasma, welding

    Features and Benefits

    • Maximum reliability in most heavy-duty environment Not affected by intense heat and fluctuating voltage, the maximum driving mechanism ensures steady traveling.

    • PWM Drive System
      Ensures stable and accurate speed control, achieved with encoder motor and digital speed indicator, which provides the famous sharp, fine cuts.

    • Choice of accessory and options
      Features wide variety of options that makes the machine suitable to achieve various cutting needs.

    • Selectable torch set and rails
      Each torch set is specially designed for the purpose, ensuring the maximum results.

    • Versatility
      Ready for oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting or welding.

    The IK-12 NEXT is the successor of the IK-12 Max3, which has been highly rated among the portable oxy-fuel cutting machines. Body structure is sys- tematized to apply to different types of work and meet the needs of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and automatic welding. Each component is functionally worked out as an independent unit, selection and assortment are at the customers disposal to create the system needed for the requirement. Enjoy the maximum efficiency, versatility and productivity with the IK-12 NEXT.


    The Original.

    Since 1951, when the first model was released in Japan, the Koike IK-12 series have been serving professionals who demand the highest quality in plate cutting.

    The first generation, Japan, 1951

    Today, the state-of-the-art 7th generation, the IK-12 NEXT has an increased stable and more accurate speed control system due to the encoder motor and electronics. The system can easily be adjusted with the dial knop and values are displayed in a digital scale. The speed parameters can be adjusted over a wide range (40 - 2400mm/min). The “CREEP MODE” (patent pending) is a welcome function to add user control at start/end point of thick plate cutting. The advanced design, accurate constant speed, wide range of input voltage, contributes to an extremely reliable and multi-functional carriage.

    Overview of the unit

    ■ It offers excellent operability.

    ■ It can travel over a wide speed range, from 40-2400 mm/min. It incorporates a motor equipped with an encoder and the actu- al speed is displayed on a digital display.

    ■ Three speed settings can be saved by using the speed preset- ting function.

    ■ Pressing the “Creep” button, instantly switches to slow mode travel to help to prevent uncut material being left at the start and finished ends when cutting thick material.

    ■ The incorporated arc coupling function enables both plasma cutting and arc welding by changing the torch set.

    ■ A weaving control function is incorporated, making it possible to perform weaving welding by installing the optional kit to mount the WU-3R weaving unit, with no need to add an extra control box.

    ■ Torch sets, rails and other accessories of the existing IK-12 MAX3 model can be used without modification.


      Stock no. 20506283  
      Specification of carriage  
      Travel speed 40-2400mm/min  
      Motor DC24V Encoder electronic control  
      Speed dial Infinite rotation multifunctional dial  
      Digital Display Travel speed and parameters  
      Max. load weight 50 KG  
      Gas cutting  
      Straight cutting o (with the same rail for IK-12)  
      Circle cutting o (with circle cutting rail or circle cutting attachment)  
      Creep mode o  

      Plasma cutting

      Plasma arc interlocking start o  
      Arc test o  
      Wait time for carriage running start 0.0 - 10.0 sec  
      Position Butt weld with straight downward position  
      Weld interlocking start o  
      Arc test o  
      Wait time for carriage running start 0 - 10.0 sec  
      Weaving control  
      Swing speed (mm/min) 400 - 1500mm/min  
      Swing range (mm) 0 -  100.0mm/min  
      Left/middle/right stop time (sec) 0.0 - 10.0 sec  
      Input Power Source Single phase AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz  
      Body weight (KG) 8.5  
      Machine size (L x W x H) mm 432 x 220 x 160 (without stand part)
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