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LINCOLN Invertec V160-TP

LINCOLN Invertec V160-TP

         The Invertec® V160-T & T-Pulse TIG and Stick welders combine a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics. Their built-in gas solenoid and choice of High Frequency or Lift TIG starting make them ideal for a wide variety of DC TIG applications. They can also weld stick with a variety of popular stick electrodes. Their portable rugged design makes them ideal for both in shop or field use. A unique feature of the V160-T-Pulse is the variable high frequency pulse that allows the welder to adjust the arc focus to suit the applications.




  • Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance.
  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meeting all requirments.
  • Full finction user-friendly control panel layout for easy setup of welding parameters
  • Fan on demand (F.A.N.™) built-in reduces power and the intake of dust and fumes.
  • Recessed controls and connections designed to eliminate damage.
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