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  • KOIKE IK-70

    Semi-automated Oxy-fuel Circle Cutting Machine


    The rugged construction of the IK-70 is designed for quality flame cutting circles in a wide range of sizes. Operational versatility, ease and economy have all been built into this precision machine.

    IK-70 Features & Benefits

    • Oxy Fuel Circle Cutter
      Bevel or straight cut circles and holes; cut circles from 1-3/16" to 40" diameters
    • Rotating Gas Manifold
      Keeps hoses from becoming tangled
    • Vertical Adjustment
      Crank handle quickly sets tip to work piece distance
    • Larger Version of Cir-Cut
      Cuts larger circles and holes
    • Flange Cutting Option
      Makes flanges in one pass.
    • High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
      Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.
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