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    Portable CNC Cutting MachineFeatures and Benefitsƒ Oxy-fuel and plasma cuttingAchieve high precision cuts from gauge mate- rial up to 4” mild steel. With the simple press of a button, The machine can be configured to either process.ƒ Easy operationSimple CNC controller with parameters that can be changed to achieve high quality cuts while saving consumable life.ƒ Rigid linear guiding systemwith precision ground linear guides and a struc- turally compact design, The machine offers the strongest rails in its class.ƒ Robust box beam longitudinal rail C-channel rail provides extra stability and du- rability in heavy duty working environment. Far more accurate than common aluminum rails.ƒ Auto Nesting CAD/CAM softwareEvery PNC-12 Extreme package comes standard with Koike original CAD/CAM software with your choice of ProNest LT or Flashcut software.PNC-12 Extreme is a flexible, productive, and affordable CNC cutting solution designed to provide high quality cuts using oxy/fuel and plasma cutting technology.The machine is a great starting point for any entry level fabrication shop, Garage builder or large production company with limited space.

    Designed with Koike quality standard

    Flexible cutting

    Oxy-Fuel configuration

    ƒ Achieve high precision cuts from 3/16 in to 4 in mild steel. Oxy-fuel parameters allow for adjustable pierce height and puddle jump to reduce premature tip failure.

    Reliability and performance

    Cross bar design

    Plasma configuration

    ƒ System works with most non-hi frequency plasma systems up to 125 AMP.

    ƒ Maximum cutting thickness with plasma is 1in. ƒ Power source sold separately.


    • ƒ  Large crossbar provides a wider, more stable platform to reduce flexion at higher speeds. The wire way also adds to the rigidity of the beam by being integrated to back side, giving it another point of structure.

    • ƒ  Cross bar compartments are separated from CNC for better dust protection for electrical parts.

    • ƒ  Plasma lead and cables are placed in metal square pipe for added spatter protection.

      Longitudinal rail

    • ƒ  Robust steel welded construction.

    • ƒ  Designed to maximize durability in heavy-duty working


    • ƒ  Lightweight welded channel design provides an extremely strong base that resists flexion and provides a stable platform for the entire machine to ride on.

    • ƒ  Linear blocks are securely fixed onto a thick, long aluminium base that fully covers entire length of the machine body.

      Koike D420 Controller

    • ƒ  Simple and easy to use.

    • ƒ  Accepts most standard G code via integrated USB port

    • ƒ  48 pre-installed shape patterns

    • ƒ  Numerous functions including nesting, plate alignment, mirroring, pierce point selection, and more.

    • Cutting Capability and standard features

      Oxy-fuel cutting

      Three solenoid valves

      Three individual station gas solenoids provide accurate pressures to adjusting valves right at the torch.

      Piercing sequence

      Adjustable piercing sequence allows optimum pierce control for increased productivity and reduced consumable life.

      Cross bar with integrated gas lines

      Prevents fuel and oxygen lines from being exposed to cutting debris and hot slag.

    • Plasma cutting

      Arc voltage control

      Internal torch cable carrier

      ƒ Automatically detects live arc voltage and makes neces- ƒ Cable carrier mounted on the cross bar allows easy

      sary torch height adjustments during cutting. Allows for precise plasma torch height thus eliminating severe edge bevels.

      Torch collision protection

      ƒ Magnetic torch breakaway system will dislocate from magnets and stop the machine immediately when it senses a part tip up.

      Initial torch height control

      ƒ Initial height sensor is implemented in the torch break away system, allowing fast and accurate torch initial height adjustment. Ohmic contact is not necessary. This is useful when a plate has a protective coating.

      handling of plasma torch cables during operation. Fits most torch leads up to 125 AMPS.

      Plasma power source

      ƒ Most air plasma systems up to 125A with 1-3/8” (35mm) diameter torch. 1-3/4” torch holder is also available (non-high frequency).


      ƒ A variety of optional accessories are available. The machine can be reconfigured to Oxy-fuel at any time when needed.

    • Basic Features

      Gas to Plasma Conversion Kit

    • ƒ  Used to change an Oxy-Fuel configured machine to
      Plasma configuration.
      Included: Arc Voltage Control (AVC) unit, Plasma torch holder with integrated torch breakaway system and initial height sensor, all required cables.

    • ƒ  Plasma power source not included.

      Plasma to Gas Conversion Kit

      ƒ Used to change a Plasma configured machine to oxy-fuel configuration. Included: Koike oxy-fuel torch unit with solenoid valves and gas connections, cutting tips starter pack (3 pieces HC type 012).

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