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KOIKE Safety Gold-V Regulator   (Oxygen)

KOIKE Safety Gold-V Regulator (Oxygen)

KOIKE : Safety Gold-V Regulator          

        KOIKE Safety Gold-V regulator is designed specifically for use with Oxygen gas. It is a high-quality regulator that ensures accurate and safe control of Oxygen gas flow.

The regulator comes with pressure gauges for both the inlet and outlet sides, with a pressure range of 2.5 MPa on the inlet side and 0.2 MPa on the outlet side.

         The maximum delivery pressure of the regulator is 0.098 MPa, ensuring efficient and safe gas delivery. It has a flow capacity of 7 Nm3/h at a pressure of 0.05 MPa, providing consistent and reliable Oxygen gas flow.

        With a lightweight body weight of 1.4 kg, the Safety Gold-V regulator is easy to handle and portable. It is designed to be durable and stable, allowing for long-lasting performance in various industrial applications.

         Overall, the Safety Gold-V regulator is a reliable and efficient tool for controlling the flow of Oxygen gas, offering safety, accuracy, and durability in its operation.


Features :

Model   :  Safety gold-V (Oxygen)
Gas  : Oxygen
Pressure gauge (MPa)
Inlet  :
25*    Outlet : 2.5
Max. Delivery pressure  : 0.99
Flow capacity [Pressure] : 35Nm 3 /h - [0.8MPa]
Body weight  : 1.4 kg



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